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Playing with gradient blends and masking this afternoon. Love my job…

Eric Rhodes

Sunday morning fun. Playing with POV on my new MUSE Bride Photograher bio page.

Eric Rhodes
MUSE Bride Lookbook - Beauty Erick Rhodes Photography

Working on new 2019 MUSE LookBook Cover Images - still a work in progress but happy with the results so far. This is the cover image for MUSE Bride LookBook - Beauty.

Eric Rhodes

TGI..Aloha…F. Sweetness in Italian is dolcezza which pretty much sums up the look on the face of Emmer’s daughter who was our beautiful little flower girl. Have a wonderful and love-filled weekend.

Eric Rhodes
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First photo of 2019. View from the make up & hair suite yesterday morning. Love what I get to do for a living and life. Cheers!

Eric Rhodes
Mi Amas Vin
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This season I’ve been inspired by Esperanto ~ a widely spoken international auxiliary language based on the roots from the European romance languages. Esperanto’s translated name “One Who Hopes”, has been in practical use for over a hundred years and has proved to be a genuine living language ~ capable of expressing all facets of human thought including poetry, transcendence, and love. “Mi Amas Vin” ~ “I Love You” in Esperanto

Eric Rhodes
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New MUSE Bride website supporting images and graphics about to drop. The MUSE Bride website will showcase more of my higher-end wedding photography. Happy Holidays! Excited for new beginnings and 2019!

Eric Rhodes

Fun in a Porsche Turbo. My client wanted to somehow use his new car in their engagement portrait session. We ended up driving at crazy speeds in the jungle with me hanging on for my life. Totally fun…

Eric Rhodes

Little Shaye. Leica M7, Noctilux f1.0. Illford Delta 400

Eric Rhodes
Getty + iStock
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Happy to announce that you will now be able to license select images from my portfolio via Getty Images and iStock starting the first week of December 2018. Cheers!

Eric Rhodes
Hawaiian Style

I am so lucky to have the opportunity to hang out with beautiful souls like Aunty Tutu here in Hawaii.

Eric Rhodes
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Very happy to let everyone know that my commercial work is being represented by MUSE Agenci on their new / re-launched website. Cheers!

Eric Rhodes